The Pillow Men experience observes the telling of humankind’s relationship with dreams. This collision of abstract theatrics and original music plunges the audience into a “night of sleep”, experiencing dreams through song that touch upon the full spectrum of emotions. Dreams are a tool to help us realize the immortality of the soul. 


The musicians enact the role of the Pillow Men, mythical beings that weave dreams into the minds of all living things. They appear with a permanent visage of anger, disgust, apathy, remorse, and grief, mirroring humanity in some of its most vulnerable states. You, the viewer, are challenged to face these reflections, embrace the negative energy, accept it as a part of yourself, and then let it go. The Pillow Men wish to help make this life a more pleasant one, and to remind you that it is only a dream. 


Dan Barrenechea / Vocals, Guitar, Charango
Ian Hayes / Vocals, Percussion, Guitar, Drums
Steve Harding / Guitar, Synths, Percussion, Vocals
Kramer Gibson / Drums, Piano, Vocals, Percussion, Trumpet
John Tyler Kent / Chapman Stick, Vocals



Show Dates



6/17         10:00pm       Bull Mansion       Worcester, MA         Tickets Here